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Capstone Hypnotherapy

“My name is Kerry Wilson, I've known Layne Keck for approx. 3.5 years. I first met Layne while my wife was attending the Capstone Inst., over the 1st year and a 1/2 , I saw some remarkable changes happen with my wife, which peaked my interest into what was "going on". So, I decided to see for myself and came to see Layne for my own benefit. The results were absolutely amazing!!! Much love and thanks Layne.”

~Kerry Wilson
St. George, Utah

Capstone Hypnotherapy

“Once again I was at a time in my life where everything around me had collapsed. How could I possibly endure this repeated pattern in my life which ended in failure, heartache and despair. Not knowing much about hypnosis I felt inspired to give it a try. What could I possibly have to lose. I was very afraid and skeptical at first so I sought out someone with the most experience and someone I could trust. I found Helen Baucum. Within a few sessions with Helen everything and every outcome in my life began to make sense. I had to know more. She encouraged me to attend Layne Keck's school, Capstone Institute of Hypnotherapy. She let me know she had taught Layne and that he had been working in her office for over 20 years. I knew I was in good hands. Through the course I not only was able to plug into everything I was being taught, I was freeing myself of subconscious blocks that I didn't even know existed.

Helen and Layne had been utilizing the pinpoint method of hypnosis for many years and it was so effective in my life I had to share it with others. I believe without a doubt that the pinpoint method of hypnosis is by far the fastest and most effective tool available in overcoming anything. The principles are simple and bring lasting results.

To my knowledge no other school offers or teaches this powerful and effective method of hypnosis. Thank you, Helen and Layne for the years of research and study you have so freely given me.”

~April Wilson
New Horizons Hypnotherapy - St. George, Utah

Capstone Hypnotherapy

“For many years I had suffered with a fear of airplanes and elevators. With Layne's help I was able to fly back East to see my family. He is a skillful and caring practitioner of hypnotherapy whose primary focus is always the well-being of his client. Not only is he very competent but a true gentleman as well.”

~Tom Bisesti
Las Vegas, NV

Capstone Hypnotherapy

“My criterion in selecting a school of hypnotherapy was based upon my desire to help others to realized their full potential through the workings of their mind. After researching many schools, I chose the Capstone Institute of Hypnotherapy not only for the solid curriculum in the hypnosis but also for the spiritual principles intrinsic in making lasting, beneficial changes in my clients' everyday lives. Layne Keck is the consummate teacher of both. His knowledge, insight, patience, and humility are an inspiration to his students. Through his classes, I learned how to empower my clients by releasing negative blocks from past experiences in order to realize the infinite power within. This, in turn, has added a dynamic dimension to my personal life and my successful and rewarding profession as a hypnotherapist.”


Capstone Hypnotherapy

“This course far surpassed my expectations. Not only do I know that I am truly qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist now, but due to Layne's expertise, I know that every aspect of my life has been taken to a higher level just from the knowledge that I have obtained.

Layne's courses offer a comprehensive learning experience; his detailed and patient approach in teaching ensured my wealth of knowledge and gratitude. I highly recommend participating in all of his courses; be it for the purpose of a new career or the desire to elevate your thinking and obtain a deeper quality in your relationships.”

~Debra Saphire
Las Vegas, NV

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