About Layne

Experienced & Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist

A licensed clinical hypnotherapist based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Layne C. Keck C.Ht. served as the executive director of the National Society of Hypnotherapists for 15 years. A key aspect about Layne is that he practices and teaches the "Pinpoint" method of Hypnotherapy, which enables the client to discover the root cause of an issue. To know more about Layne, read on.

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Career Growth

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After graduating from the University of Southern Colorado with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he began studying hypnotherapy in 1979 and has been practicing since 1984.

After realizing the dramatic changes in his life related to health, finances, relationships, and outlook because of hypnotherapy, he started studying it from that viewpoint. Helen Baucum, who was recognized as Woman of the Century by The International Hypnosis Hall of Fame, has been his most influential teacher, and he worked with her for twenty-one years.

Like his mentor, Layne was also inducted into the International Hall of Fame in 2001.


As a Speaker & in Media

He was also seen in the documentary "Bob Lazar Area 51 & Flying Saucers", concerning memory restoration and clarification to overcome specific government techniques to distort his short-term memory.

Layne was also featured in documentaries on Discovery Channel and BBC, lectured at many national conventions, and has also been a guest on many live radio and television shows.

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Key Areas of Work

Layne also worked with over a thousand clients who believed they were abducted by or had contact with aliens.

He utilizes hypnotherapy to help clients with self-confidence and self-worth, stress management, spiritual awareness, and growth, sleep soundly, anger management, weight control, pain alleviation, sports enhancement, surgical preparation and healing, children's behavioral issues, passing tests, focus and concentration, sexual fulfillment, smoking cessation, childhood and past trauma and more.

His understanding of hypnotherapy, psychology, and spiritual principles are combined to enable his clients to harness their Subconscious Emotion, which he terms as Energy in Motion with their Conscious Intellect, to overcome issues and achieve success.