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Over 35 years of experience


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What Sets Pinpoint Hypnotherapy Apart?

"There is a parable, and if you know this parable--you know all parables."  This parable explains the principles of Planting and Harvest, or You Reap What You Sow.  Hypnotherapy has long been known as a powerful tool to consciously plant seeds or suggestions into the more powerful subconscious mind. We can do phone sessions as well.

For some, it has been termed "miraculous" in referring to the positive changes they have experienced using hypnosis and suggestion. The problem has come in being able to repeat this process in others, and also those who have had miraculous results, suddenly at some point, may revert back to the old problem.

Capstone Hypnotherapy
Capstone Hypnotherapy

Layne knows how to use hypnosis and suggestion to guide a client in planting their "seeds" most effectively. Other hypnotherapists can perform this also. Layne's training and gift allow him to guide his clients beyond their former boundaries by pinpointing their subconscious blocks or "weeds" - that are hindering the growth of the fruit of their desires.

Some clients have fertile soil in which to plant their seeds and choose hypnotherapy to enhance and speed their success. That fulfills their needs quickly. Some have tried hypnotherapy or other processes previously and walked away thinking the process does not work, or they can't be helped. It is like planting seeds in a field full of rocks and weeds. You may not even get a glimpse of what you planted.

Others may plant their seeds, and for a while, their crop or desires begin to flourish. If they have not pulled the weeds, then whenever there is stress in their emotional environment, it is as if the wind blows, or there isn't the usual amount of moisture and because their desires haven't rooted deep enough -- they lose the crop that appeared initially to be successful.

Each client has their own answers within themselves. Having a hypnotherapist who knows the principles of the subconscious mind and can ask the right questions to allow the emotional release connected with the subconscious blocks is invaluable.

Hypnotherapy allows one to connect the subconscious emotion with the conscious intellect to unite their conscious and subconscious minds to work together in attaining their goal, as opposed to those two minds being in conflict and bringing forth sabotage to destroy their goal.

As most already know, one can have all of the intellectual understanding concerning why they are stuck -- and they remain stuck. It is often more frustrating to know what is standing in your way and still not be able to "fix it".

One may also release emotion with a good cry, or an expression of anger, etc. But the releasing of emotional energy alone is only a temporary fix at best.

Capstone Hypnotherapy
Capstone Hypnotherapy
Capstone Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy, when practiced properly, moves us toward a balance of thought and emotion -- which are our male and female principles of creation. When this balance is in place, we have a strong foundation on which to build our goals, desires, and dreams.

The clients at Capstone Hypnotherapy are guided to use their own God-given creative power more effectively and to transmute the energy of their old subconscious perceptions that were blocked into achieving and learning even more than they expected when they made their appointment.

Let us be your guide in successfully achieving and maintaining your desired goals. By using the "Pinpoint" method of hypnotherapy, you can overcome obstacles and minimize the old habit patterns to detach from the sabotage that has robbed you of better health of body, mind, and spirit, and achieve a more peaceful and rewarding life.

The Capstone was the top of the Pyramid Giza.

It was said to house the "all-seeing eye" of the secrets within. Through hypnotherapy, you will be able to assist your clients in "opening their mind's eye" to look within to find their answers.

Hypnotherapy offers a path to inner awareness, peace, and personal freedom.
It truly is "A Higher Way"

~ Linda L. Snyder

Former Student of Hypnotherapy

Layne Keck and Helen Baucum - Instructors